That Freedom Is Coming Soon

When I have a terribly long day at work, I remind myself what I am working toward….


Escape Velocity

Through the advent of the internet, the masses now readily able to obtain some form of financial roadmap to independence.  Maybe it takes a generation or two, but with a minimal amount of astute concentration, the way to freedom has been made clear and concise.

So what of the generations to follow?  If it is quite straightforward that you save as much as possible (maybe 50 – 75%) of your income for Early Retirement, and this becomes the best thing to do with your life, then what comes next?

EscapeVelocity 2020

So, if time is linear and I want to leave my first post up, then I probably should build on history.  Sadly, as tech consumes our consciousness, building on history is less important.  We may revisit past mistakes, but it is only because we are so distracted by the current events.  Surely no-one will fault us for our shortcomings.


I don’t know if anyone is going to visit my blog, but I don’t mind the idea of sharing my thoughts.  I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have a blog, since I like being FI and relish not having to deal with the ‘non-anonymous problem’ of the rich and famous.  At one point, there was an allure of commercialism to compensate one for putting themselves out there.  I suspect that is what keeps some bloggers going, but that doesn’t motivate me.  My first blog was an experiment in Adsense, an Amazon Partnership, and Personal Capital affiliations.  It was a blast to get a few referral commissions and click-throughs, but really move the needle compared to my day job compensation.  Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but then again, it is one of the things that I count in my daily gratitude that I don’t have to.

I have a lot to figure out as I venture out into the public domain…