What FIRE Bloggers are all Getting Wrong

A terse post, but this came to me and then bothered me all day.  I just need to get it out, in maybe an inelegant way.

I read FIRE bloggers and they seem to think it is all about themselves, whereas, most normal people do the things they do for their kids.  Sure, everyone has some self-indulgence along the way, but bloggers just reach their own goals and then it’s all about themselves, their experiences, how their kids will pay for their own, etc.  The other side, the ‘mainstream’, typically want to and are more than willing to sacrifice for their kids.  It is the meaning of life, especially when your back is up against the wall.  You stop caring about yourself, and hope your kids get a better deal.

FIRE bloggers are unique.  Maybe their kids will get this new world in a new way that works better than passing on ‘handyman-type skills’, only time will tell, but bloggers certainly don’t seem to live only for and be willing to sacrifice for their kids.




I wonder what it would look like if mankind ever said, ‘well, that’s good enough’.  We have self driving cars that go over 100 mph, we have cheap international travel, and we have decent infrastructure.  Let’s just keep this stuff, enjoy the abundance, and pass it down.

A New Idea

Maybe, just maybe, it would be helpful to others if I went transparent with what our finances looked like over the years since graduating college.  I could present it in an accelerated format (balance sheet and net worth) with each month presented weekly, or even faster when nothing exciting transpired.  So maybe I adjust the schedule when life-changing things like work opportunities or market crashes present themselves?  Still thinking….